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Bright & Vivid photo and video for life's most important moments

Hey There!

                            I'm Anna, welcome to my site! I'm a photographer and                                            videographer based out of Central Massachusetts, but I shoot                                      all over the U.S. and beyond, wherever your story takes you!                                     I'm always up for an adventure. 

                              I'm here to document your life's most important moments through                                bright, vivid, photo and video that reflect your authentic self.                                    Your number one job is to have fun, and mine is to capture that!                                I want you and your partner to be comfortable, so just relax,                                   have fun, dance a little or a lot, but most importantly, be you!

                           Our relationship is also super important, we'll be spending a lot of                           time together at your wedding! We'll share laughs, maybe a happy                        cry, but definitely some dancing at the end of the night! "Did we just                       become best friends?" Get to know me better on my About Me page, or                 click below to message me and get started!

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Rodica & Ricardo

"We were so lucky to find Anna for our impromptu wedding! She was very well prepared and came early to inspect the venue. Anna was expertly prepared for the lighting challenges and the fast pace of the event. We didn't have to worry to ask for pictures with certain guests because she had it covered and she would create the setting for warm and memorable shots. Her pictures were so tasteful and carefully chosen, the timing for some of the shots was simply impeccable. Anna managed to capture so well the love and happiness on that day, which made it so much easier for us to share with the family and friends who couldn't attend. A very considerate and passionate photographer, Anna has a very talented eye for spotting the most meaningful of moments. We couldn't be happier about having Anna as our guest and our photographer. Thank you so much for our beautiful wedding album!"



Brittany & Stephanie

"Anna photographed our December 8th wedding. Not once was the bitter cold an issue. The job that she did was so outstanding I could barely find words to describe it, not only were my pictures beautiful in every sense of the word but Anna was everywhere. She got photos of everything and everybody, you could barely keep track of her because she was all over the dining room and dance floor! some of the candid photos I have I’ll be able to treasure forever. The portraits are gorgeous, too. She really listened to what we wanted and delivered. Our photos were given back to us sooner than what was contractually obligated and we got such a great sneak peak only two days later! Anna is professional and so talented. I never waited to hear back from her. The second photographer she brought with her I would say all the same things! Even though he was only with us a few hours, you would’ve thought he was there the whole night for how many photos we got! You could tell she really enjoyed being there and that it truly was a passion product for her. Her professionalism and talent is unparalleled. 10/10 would recommend! Thank you Anna for all the lasting memories you provided us with!"

Kaci & Alex-254.jpg

Kaci & Alex

Anna far, hands down, without a doubt, one of the most talented people I’ve ever met. I’m also lucky enough to call her a friend. She went so far above and beyond to capture all of the moments on our wedding day. There’s no way we could possibly thank her enough or express how much these photos truly mean to us. They colorful and beautiful and perfect. Love this girl.

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