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Hello there! My name is Annamaria Ivanova and I'm a photographer currently based in Central Massachusetts. I was born in Bulgaria and arrived in Boston 22 years ago with my family. Somewhere along the way I picked up a camera and fell in love with photography. My passion is wildlife and travel photography. I love to travel as much as I possibly can, from riding motorcycles through the Andes in Ecuador to exploring temples in Thailand. I love any activity that will bring me outdoors and under the sun, or stargazing at night. When it comes to wedding photography and family portraits, I like to bring the vibrancy, colors, and excitement I encounter when I travel and translate that to your photos! I'm the perfect match for laid back couples and families that are looking for photography that really stands out from the rest and will never blend in. 

If you're looking for an adventure or a crazy fun time then I'm your gal!

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