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  • Anna Ivanova

Stef & Nate's Glacier National Park Wedding


Stef and Nate's Wedding in Glacier National Park was definitely the most adventurous wedding I've been to! I ended up driving from Massachusetts to Montana and made it just in time for the wedding! The ceremony itself was in the National Park overlooking a lake, and then we had a chance to ride around the park in their traditional Red Bus, which is considered to be part of the oldest touring fleet of vehicles in the world! Just as we were taking the last of our portraits before the party, a storm started coming in over the lake. It started raining just as we were wrapping up. We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous, dramatic sky!



Bride & Groom playing rock-paper-scissors for who gets to say their vows first,




I love the fact that each table had a centerpiece featuring photos from a different trip they took together. What a perfect way to honor their adventurous relationship!