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  • Anna Ivanova

Motorcycle Bridal Portraits


What can be better than a gorgeous girl and a beautiful motorcycle? Well, nothing!

As a motorcycle rider myself, I was so excited for these portraits! This vintage Harley was accentuated perfectly with colorful florals, and the Old Sheldon Church Ruins made a perfect backdrop!


Photography in this blog by Anna Ivanova Photography



Host & stylist: Adelaide Brooke & Ben Baggott of Bare Bones Beauty + Photography

Makeup Artistry: Adelaide Brooke Baggott of Bare Bones Beauty

Hair: K.C. Murray Email:

Jewelry: Dee Ruel

Gowns: Jessica Kiss of Verita. A Bridal Boutiqe

Furniture rental & linens: Victoria Miller of Decor by The Day

Floral designer: Kirsty Stock of Stock & Bloom

Calligraphy & Paper Goods: Brooklyn Duncan of The Artisan Abode

Flowers: Kristen Joiner of Bess of 622 Press

Cake: Amanda Borger of Baker & The Farmer

Fashion Model: Natasha Marie

Motorcycle: @conradmizzel


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